Community College of Philadelphia Union Endorses Adrian Rivera-Reyes for City Council


May 2, 2019



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Community College of Philadelphia Union Endorses Adrian Rivera-Reyes for City Council

CCP Faculty & Staff Recognize Adrian’s Commitment to Workers’ Rights and Higher Education

May 2, 2019 — The Faculty & Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP), a local union of the American Federation of Teachers that represents 1,200 members, today announced its endorsement of Adrian Rivera-Reyes for Philadelphia City Council At-Large in the Democratic primary on May 21.

“We are excited about Adrian’s candidacy because he understands that high-quality public higher education in Philadelphia is critical to solving the problem of persistent poverty in our city,” said John Braxton and Junior Brainard, co-presidents of FSFCCP. “We recognize his student activism, labor organizing, and support for diversity and inclusion in higher education. His experience will give City Council a much-needed voice on this important issue.”

“FSFCCP is a shining example of the extraordinary power and strength of a people united,” said Adrian Rivera-Reyes. “The fight for fair wages, better working conditions, and a high-quality education for everyone is a fight we will only win together. I am so inspired by the dedicated and resilient members of FSFCCP for leading that charge, and I am so honored to have their endorsement.”

Thanks to the courageous activism of its members, FSFCCP recently won three fair contracts for CCP faculty despite crushing workloads and union-busting tactics. Adrian strongly supports workers’ right to unionize and the right for public employees to strike, including teachers. During his graduate studies, Adrian served as a labor organizer for Graduate Employees Together – University of Pennsylvania (GET-UP) in an effort to unionize student-workers. In this role, Adrian engaged with workers to learn about their concerns and to work as a collective to gain power and ensure their rights as workers.


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