Philadelphia City Council has NO millennials, NO members of the LGBTQ+ community, and NO scientists or medical professionals.

I want to change that, and my platform reflects that.


  • Ensure a safe city for members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly members of the trans community.

  • Strive for racial and ethnic equality within the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Provide funding for HIV and STD education and care for all Philadelphians.

  • Expand LGBT roles, visibility and influence in all areas of city government.

Municipal Green New Deal

  • Transition Philadelphia to a democratically controlled 100% renewable energy system to meet the goal of zero-carbon emissions by 2030.

  • Transition SEPTA to run entirely on renewable energy by 2030 and purchase new quiet, clean, and electric buses.

  • Update Philadelphia’s building codes and mandate that all new construction, public and private, meet LEED Gold certification.

  • Establish a centralized fund to incentivize and subsidize homeowners and local business owners to retrofit their properties to meet environmental standards.

  • End the current practice of burning 50% of all recyclables in Philadelphia.

  • Oppose all efforts to increase fossil fuel infrastructure and projects in Philadelphia.

  • Enact sensible zoning regulations that keep our neighborhoods affordable, safe, and clean.

  • Re-establish a city-wide street sweeping program.

  • Support a ban on single-use plastics.

  • Expand and create protected bike lanes across the city by 2024.

Economic Justice for All

  • Oppose corporate privatization of all utilities in Philadelphia.

  • Create a Philadelphia Public Bank to keep our tax dollars in Philadelphia and invest in our communities, while eliminating for-profit practices from big banks.

  • Support the legalization of recreational use of marijuana and tax it to fund city programs that directly benefit those who have been imprisoned and targeted by the War on Drugs.

  • Support workers right to unionize and the right for public employees to strike, including teachers.

  • Support establishing a system of public financing for city elections modeled after Seattle’s “Democracy Voucher” program.

  • Support a $15/hour living-wage for all workers in Philadelphia and advocate that Philadelphia’s State and Federal elected officials push for legislation to raise the minimum-wage.

  • Support the creation of a municipal card check system for all city contractors and new business zoning applications.

  • Implement a high-end real estate transfer tax for properties worth more than $5 million dollars.

  • Implement a tax on vacant properties to invest revenue in affordable housing programs.


Criminal Justice Reform

  • Use savings from the closure of the House of Corrections to invest in job training programs and opportunities for formerly incarcerated people.

  • Establish an elected Civilian Police Accountability Board with the power to recommend charges to the District Attorney’s office, subpoena, investigate, and censure cases of police brutality, over-policing, and corruption.

  • Increase funding for the Police Advisory Commission from $500K to $1.5M to improve relations between our communities and Philadelphia’s police department.

  • Support a ban on cash-bail practices and plea mills, which unfairly target and incarcerate those too poor to afford bail.

  • Decriminalize possession of all drugs to help end the stigma surrounding people who suffer from substance abuse disorder.


Housing for All

  • Construct and rebuild units of public, affordable, and mixed-income housing in 10 years that meet green building standards.

  • Rebuild our current stock of public housing while meeting environmental goals and decarbonizing structures.

  • Increase the homestead exemption tax to alleviate the tax burden on homeowners and prevent the gentrification and the displacement of existing residents in our neighborhoods.

  • Increase and create grants for first-time home buyers, including grants to weatherize homes and other infrastructure.

  • Implement universal rent control legislation that applies to all rental properties across Philadelphia.

  • Expand the “Good Cause” eviction legislation to all renters in the city and provide legal counsel for victims of evictions.

  • Invest in community land trusts by using funds from a city owned public bank.


Education for All

  • Support a democratically elected school board with the ability to levy taxes.

  • Eliminate the 10-year tax abatement for new construction to invest $386M over 10 years into our education and school system, fully staffing our schools with teachers, counselors, librarians, and nurses.

  • Support a moratorium on charter school expansion and increase oversight on current charter schools.

  • Collect payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) from major non-profits like the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Re-open, fund, and fully staff our public libraries and recreation centers.


Healthcare for All

  • Support the creation of overdose prevention and supervised consumption sites to combat the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia.

  • Increase funding for our community healthcare centers to meet the demands of the city.

  • Expand access to women’s health, mental health, and LGBTQ+ health resources, including treatment for folks with HIV+ diagnoses and access to therapies for HIV- folks.

  • Support the creation of a single-payer “Medicare for All” program and advocate that Philadelphia’s State and Federal elected officials implement such a program.