A Philadelphia for All

LATINO ● LGBTQ+ ● Millennial ● Scientist

People like me do not have a voice on Philadelphia City Council and that is a problem for all of us.

I am a PhD cancer researcher, millennial, member of the LGBT+ community and proud transplant to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico. I grew up in a working class family that has informed who I am today.

In a city where 65% of Philadelphia is under 44 we have no millennials on City Council. In a city where members of the LGBTQ+ community are still persecuted, we have never had an openly gay person on City Council. And with the clock ticking on issues like climate change and the opioid epidemic, we have nobody with a scientific or medical background on City Council.

Our voices deserve a seat at the table.

That’s why I am fighting for a Philadelphia that recognizes everyone’s right to quality housing, education, and healthcare. I am fighting for a Philadelphia that invests in a Green New Deal, not in giveaways to corporations and real estate developers.

This campaign rejects big money and is powered by you, the people. My name is Adrian Rivera-Reyes and I’m asking you to join me in fighting for a Philadelphia for all.


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